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Friday, January 29, 2010

70 Minutes of Lies

Fool Americans Once, Shame on You Obama, Fool Americans Twice, Shame on American Fools! This was my basic understanding of the President’s very first State of the Union address. We just listened to 70 Minutes of unbelievable lies, yet so many fools out there will actually take his regurgitated campaign speeches to heart and believe that this man will do what he says… again! I find this very disturbing that the greatest nation known to mankind can be so chock full of people that can be duped twice by the same salesman. You see, I am beginning to believe that our nation, with decades of programming by our very own government has become deceived into believing that the government’s purpose is to control the people’s everyday lives and look after all the essentials of what Americans need and provide it for them, leaving the citizen’s dependant upon government to care for them from cradle to grave. Every school year less and less of our nations great history is taught to students leaving them void of the understanding of what the role of government is as defined in our constitution. Do the students of this country understand the significance of the definition of “The United States” as it pertains to our country and the role of our government? Do they understand that what is not covered by law or prohibited by the constitution are left to the people of each individual State to determine its own laws and how the State is to be governed? Do they understand that the Federal government should be small and have very little control over the personal lives and freedoms of its citizens? How sad that the students of public education today will never know the individual freedom the constitution guarantees them. President Barrack Obama has such an incredible opportunity before him to become the best president this country has ever seen. I sincerely believe he has that ability if only he took his own advice and studied the history of our founding fathers and the very constitution he seems so ready to ignore. Instead he chooses to bend over bow even further for the special interest groups and lobbyists of the members of his extreme far left Party than he does for the leaders of foreign countries. His Progressive ideology that has guided his policies during his first year in office has failed him miserably. Most severely, his policies and priorities have failed the American people by doing nothing to correct and pull them from this dismal economy he campaigned on to correct. You failed thus far Obama! You see, you’re the man America elected to correct the errors of George Bush’s spending spree and your answer so far has been to triple the out of control spending and wasting it paying off unions and special interests and to those who never contribute one red penny of taxes earned from labor, and you have corrected nothing, you’ve have only exasperated the crisis and guaranteed the value of the U.S. dollar to be unable to compete with other nations in the world. What you refuse to admit is that your Progressive slash Socialist theories do not and will not work in America to correct the problems of our slipping economy and everything else that ails us. You see, Americans are brilliant when they are truly free of stifling government taxes, restrictions and interference of their dreams and pursuit of happiness and prosperity. Obama has described rebates of certain taxes as a tax cut to the middle class. The middle class of America is and always will be the backbone of this country. We run this country and run it much better without the interference of the government. If you really wanted the economy to grow and improve quickly you would make tax cuts across the board on small business and the working middle class man and woman in this country. Abolish this incredibly stupid redistribution of wealth plan you identify as cap and trade and lift other operating obstacles in the way of companies across the nation that prevent profits which produce jobs. While your at it you can aggressively seek to remove as many people as possible from the public dole of welfare and attack the waste and corruption involved in it by forcing the able bodied person’s snared in its trap to get up and get busy. Move that wasted money into policies that provide help and promote hiring in small businesses. Most of all American’s need to remember that government does not produce money. Although they print money, all money earned comes from the taxes of the working people and companies which employ people. The government would have nothing if it were not for the American middle class workers. For those of you who work and understand this common sense fact, it is your duty to vote only for those candidates who not only understand it but put it into action not just empty words as Obama illustrated Wednesday night. What Obama needs to understand is that despite what the liberal media whores suggest, working Americans are not stupid. As Massachusetts has recently revealed along with other states, there are many who was fooled once but will not be fooled again. Times are tremendously hard for the working people and we have had enough of the lies that add nothing to our paychecks. And those who are jobless beyond their own control surely won’t be fooled again.

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  1. Scott Brown will kick his ass in 2012