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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Wow! What an example of how everything we have or own can be removed in one swift moment in time without any control over our fate. The numbers keep fluctuating on the count of projected loss of life. No one is quite sure of the total number of dead at the time but no doubt it is rising by the thousands. People speculating on why such natural disasters occur and why they occur and where they occur. I do not know. Pat Robertson believes it is God’s judgment on the land due to their belief in witchcraft and Voodoo mixed into Christianity. There are clearly biblical examples of this such as the great flood and other events of famine etc. I know he is being torn asunder by the network commentators from the far left to the far right. I don’t know the true reason for such horrific things. Anyone’s guess really is as good as another because we don’t know the mysteries God keeps hidden from us. I suppose the reason for such mysteries is simply because our brains would be unable to comprehend them. We are only human. What I prefer to focus on is the Good Samaritan that reaches out to help his neighbor after such an event of catastrophic proportions as the Haiti earthquake. The news crews do a decent job of showing the hands on acts of love by those volunteers at Ground Zero. Our President is immediately criticized for his immediate response to act on this amazing crisis of humanity in need. Why? Sometimes events occur that require politics to move out of the way, sit down and shut up. There are still people who are fighting for every breath as they lay trapped under slabs of concrete and twisted metal as they breathe and pray for help. Sometimes those of us who oppose President Obama need to lighten up and let him do his job. Especially when there are people in dire need of rescue and basic life needs. This is one of those times. Does this mean I agree with every aspect of how Obama is responding to this crisis and all of his decisions? No, absolutely not. But what I am very familiar with is that when you are in situations where life hangs in the balance there should never be obstacles in the way to prevent help or the acquisition of desperately needed resources. I just could not imagine being the lead decision maker in a crisis so large involving millions of lives. I could sit back and blog my disgust with the politics of Haiti and their government while I sit comfortably in my heated office sipping a Cherry Coke ”Which I am” but playing  arm chair Quarterback on the situation does no good at all and it surely isn’t helping. I could also cringe at the 100 million dollars allotted for the rescue efforts but that is rather silly isn’t it when fellow human beings are in such dire straights. No, I’m proud that our country and our president is fast to act while so many need us. Will this help be remembered or appreciated? Does that really matter? No, I believe what is clear is that the United States of America has stood high above all other countries when it comes to being there to help. Not only the government of the U.S. but also its private citizen’s who give freely of their own money to support efforts to help. Private business and corporations donate by the millions of their profit to assist the immediate needs. To try to make a comparison of the United States benevolent efforts to other countries would be pointless. Leaders of many countries love to describe our nation as the Great Satan. It is times as these when our actions defend against the accusations of such leader’s petty and meaningless words.

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