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Saturday, January 09, 2010


Well, I have let my readers down and possibly lost a few due to my self imposed writers block. Occasionally I get one naturally but over the last week it has been by choice. I just can’t seem to get in the mood to write, so I am writing now in order to motivate myself. This has been a reoccurring problem not just with this blog but in several areas in my life lately. At work I have struggled with burn out and have blamed it on the usual negatives that come so easy such as working 12 hour shifts, and doing that at night to boot. Yes, I suppose that doesn’t help but that isn’t quite the reason for burn out. I know, everyone goes through it and I am nothing special. My daughter Amber has been home for a visit. I have taken off several days from work and have allowed myself the pleasures of laziness. She has been a blessing to be around and a delight to hear the compliments from others of how we did such a good job of raising her. I still say we grew up together so I can only take a small amount of credit for her raising. The rest comes from her mother, as is the case of her good looks. I made a mistake this morning and asked Amber if she was ready to go home. She simply said “That isn’t home Dad”. She is right, home is here and if the truth be known sometimes I wish she wasn’t in the Navy. I know more than you that I am selfish, but I miss my kid. Well, one year down and three to go at least. God bless her and keep her safe. We will miss her when she leaves in the morning. I also spent a lot of spare time working on my wife’s new website for her business. It should be going live soon. I am excited about it too because it is very professional and full of photos and content. But I am getting tired of working on it. I also have had a rare chance to go a week without shaving. This has been fun. I can hardly grow anything on my face but I like the feel of it. I know it don’t sound like a big deal, but due to my job I have to shave closely before every shift. So the change is fun. Back to burn out’s. I have been thinking on the subject over the last week and wondering how to get motivated in many areas at home and at work. So any suggestions would be appreciated. So Roll Tide! Wash my mouth out! If you don’t know me, that is very difficult for me to say or write. I have a hatred of the Alabama Crimson Tide that equals that of Al-Qaeda, other Terrorists and the Democratic Party. I actually found myself truly struggling with wanting to pull for Alabama and also pulling for the Texas Longhorn’s at the same time. Well, I am just being honest. As I predicted, Alabama would tear Texas apart. I do not want to offend anyone but the SEC is the toughest conference in the sport. Alabama breezed through the SEC with the exceptions of Tennessee and Auburn but they won those games too despite a thorough butt spanking from Auburn. Auburn, you showed your weakness by allowing Alabama, the National Champions to put together one flawless drive and that at the very end of the game. Typical Auburn! Alabama has got to be blessed by God or the luck of the Irish or something due to the breaks that seem to always go their way. This time it was QB Colt taking a solid hit from a Bama boy and leaving Texas without a weapon way early in the game. Texas showed even during their first two opportunities to jump out on top of Bama that they just don’t have the talent to compete on the level of the SEC with only being able to put up two field goals, I knew then they had already played their best against Bama. Heck, even Auburn who was a middle of the road SEC contender scored two touchdowns on Bama right off the bat. Well, I have said it before many times and I say it again, if you go undefeated in the SEC you are already National Champions. Alabama just proved it with two bonus games against Florida and Texas. So Roll Tide! They certainly deserve it! As for now, I will close with this lame blog and hope I get it together soon. Oh, and by the way. I won a bet on the fact that it would not snow in Birmingham this week despite the once or twice a year predictions we get from our weathermen on the news. I hope the kickbacks from the grocery stores come in quick for them. I wonder what I won? 


  1. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Everyone hits road blocks now and then. Take time to recharge your own batteries and you'll find your way back. By the way...ROLL TIDE:)

  2. I really enjoyed seeing Amber. She is an outstanding young woman~

  3. Get Motivated. Write about how Palin will get blown out in 2012 or something