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Saturday, October 17, 2009


I am watching the Kentucky Vrs Auburn game on ESPN U. I know, the fact that you all know I am for Auburn would no doubt raise your eyebrows that I would put Kentucky before Auburn in describing this game. But why not? The ESPN U announcers have taken every opportunity to promote the Kentucky team and individuals at every opening of their biased mouths. Every time Auburn lines up for an offensive play the announcers either comment on Auburn struggling offensively and the Kentucky defense is given credit for hard play. When Auburn has a false start penalty thrown against them the announcers quickly give credit to the Kentucky defense for keeping Auburn out of sync or poor offensive preparation for the game. When Kentucky gets the ball it is praise after praise for all blue and white. Never mind the fact that Auburn should not have near the win loss record they have at this point and have achieved outstanding success against the odds.
I take nothing away from Kentucky. They are playing a hell of a typical hard hitting SEC game. Kudos surely go to them, but the obvious bias of the ESPN U announcers are sickening. This has happened previously also during the Auburn Vs West Virginia game while the Mountaineers seemed to be in charge of the game, Auburn stayed just below the surface as the announcers crowed with glee about their assumption that West Virginia would win the match. Until the very end when Auburn stole the show from the Mountaineers the announcers continued their embarrassing biased diatribe for west virginia. Again tonight, no credit to Auburn.
It is just not entertaining to listen to color commentary in black and white.

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