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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

From Strength to Weakness

While our President, Barrack Superstar Obama entertains millions of his fans on such TV programs as David letterman and the like, our long held world reputation of strength and power is crumbling away like an old cookie. President Obama has toured the world making apologies for just about anything conceivable about the United States of America. Never mind that most countries have greatly benefitted from the actions of America, the constant financial support and most of all the bloodshed of our sons that allowed so many to have freedom or at the least the ability to govern their own country. Obama apologies to the countries and their leaders have done nothing but weaken our strength in the eyes of our enemies.
Iran test fired long range missiles Monday, flexing its muscle to show the world that they can crush any countries military threat to them if need be. The missiles are capable of carrying a warhead which could strike Israel, United States military bases throughout the Middle East, and parts of Europe.

U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton says she “doesn’t believe Iran can convince the U.S. and other world powers at the upcoming meetings that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, as Tehran has long claimed” Well duh. Do you really think so Hillary? Hillary added, “That puts Tehran on a course for tougher economic penalties beyond the current “leaky sanctions”, she said. Well shiver me timbers! I’m sure that just scares Iran to the bone. This only proves that the United Nations and all the world powers have been nothing but weak with dealing with Iran and their nuclear program. So now with Obama playing Hollywood instead of making serious headway with the many crisis’s the middle east poses to its neighbors and the world beyond, situations only worsen. It is crystal clear to our enemy that Obama as President is a weakling. I mean come on, the Muslims were gathered “segregated mind you” in Washington praying for the soul of America. How wonderful. At least some people are allowed to pray in America. Too bad we Christians are not afforded the same right. Back to the point, The wolves are gathering and Obama not only looks to be confused by all these problems, but also projects a foolhardy smugness that he can convince the madmen of the world to lay down their nuclear weapons programs at his feet through the gift of gab. He left our allies in Europe without protection, sides with the Arabs against Israel, and continues to embolden the enemy with his indecision on such huge matters.

It seems that Obama has more important matters such as promoting a green earth while missiles are being test fired, and flying to Copenhagen with his cabinet to promote Chicago for the Olympics. Exactly what is important to this President? It sure isn’t the troops in Afghanistan waiting for badly needed re-enforcements. But yes, there is still plenty of golf to be played every week. We need a President with strength to lead us during these drastic times. But it looks like all we have is Olive Oil at the helm. Well, at least we have Senator Hillary Clinton keeping an eye on things!

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