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43 Years old Born in Wilson, North Carolina. Work in Law Enforcement / Patrol, married I am a Political Conservative without a party to represent my vote. I dislike liars, especially the type who are politicians and preachers. I oppose abortion of any type at any stage. The baby is innocent and deserves life regardless of the mothers circumstances. I also dislike racists. Especially the kind that always scream racism at others when life doesn't go there way! Get a life, it's only skin color and God made idiots in all colors. I also dislike Democrats, they wouldn't know the truth if it bit them on the ass. I dislike Republicans, they are truly the most spineless creatures on God's green earth. I dislike arrogant environmentalist who think we can destroy what God created. If your homosexual, I don't dislike you, but please keep it in your own bedroom behind closed doors for the sake of the untwisted.

Friday, September 04, 2009

It is time to blog!

It has been way too long since i have wrote any blogs and now is the time that I need to occupy myself with other things to get out of the same old routine of daily life, or in my case nightly life.

 I have thought about a daily journal, political blog, local history, and current news. I have decided to just do it all here. It will be like my own mind Scatter-brained, but it will eliminate posting to different sites.

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  1. Its about time. I look forward to your post.