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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly!

The United Nations
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly!

I was fortunate enough to be off work and try to catch up on the current events. Maybe fortunate is the wrong word choice. I was able to catch a few snippets of speeches made by our world leaders during the United Nations conference. I was intrigued to say the least at how many freaks and ghouls there are that lead nations in this world. I was not shocked but simply amazed that some countries have absolutely insane leaders. Well, lets just say what they are, Dictators!

The good:  I was very impressed by the strength of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with his very powerful speech filled with passion and truth. He called out the world leaders asking them if they had no shame, no decency in giving Iran’s leader president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad legitimacy with allowing the madman to speak after his previous threats to destroy Israel and the denial of the Holocaust. Netanyahu spoke the truth when he said the United Nations Human Rights Council was misnamed. They are incredibly biased and sit by idle while so many in the world suffer. They are such a disgrace to all mankind.

The bad: Well, this will be a short list due to time constraints.
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the epitome of evil. The truth cannot be found in him and he speaks of nothing but hatred and the destruction of innocent and peaceful people. To allow this freak of nature to build weapons of mass destruction will usher in yet another world war. This man needs a smart bomb deployed at him without delay along with all facilities of weaponry in Iran. Maybe Israel will be the only country with the balls to do this!
Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez proves every time he opens his mouth that insanity is dangerous to a country when ignored. His invitation to Obama to join his league of evil dictators really scares me that someone who is clearly insane can see our president’s socialist potential better than our own citizens.
Moammar Quaddhafi (I don’t know if even he knows how to spell his name) has to be the winner of the United Nation’s Freak & Ghoul award. I have to wonder about the legitimacy of third world countries when their leader arrives outside of New York City and erects a flipping tent for crying out loud! Is this not the 21st Century? Did his entourage arrive with camels also? Look, I think it’s time to deploy another rocket in his tent. The effects of the last one were very apparent when he gave his speech that even he did not understand. His appearance gave me the same reaction people get when they ride by a terrible car accident. Even though it is terrible to see you can’t stop yourself from looking. He looked as if he walked straight out of M. J.’s Thriller video. Could you imagine the stench he airs off while walking through a room? I’m sure all the local hotels thank Donald Trump for allowing the tent erected on his property for this Ghoul. It makes me really feel for the Libyan people. If he is the King what do the pauper’s wear?

The ugly: Our President, Barrack Hussein Obama. He brags to the world bleeders, yes bleeders, about his wonderful acts as president so far. Nobody is as star struck with Obama as Obama himself. I mean really, he just can’t get enough of himself. He states, “The ensuing era of cooperation in addressing the world’s toughest challenges also requires a new sense of responsibility on the part of all nations”. Is he being responsible letting our brave soldiers fighting in Afghanistan short of troops that are necessary for success and safety while our military leaders plead for desperately needed increases in troops there? Or maybe the boasting from the rookie about closing Guantanamo Bay which effectively returned an enemy combatant to the role of Lieutenant in the southern region of Afghanistan to once again kill our children who are fighting against terrorist. A side note to our troops! Make sure they're dead or you will fight them again! Why take prisoners if they're good friend Obama will simply send them back to the battlefield? Whose side is Obama on anyway? Oh yeah, well he warned us in his book of greatness that he would side with the Muslim’s did he not? Maybe we should believe him. Funny how he re-supplies our battlefields with our captured enemy on one hand and delays the troop build up in Afghanistan after being advised we could lose the war if he doesn’t. Maybe Obama is deciding which side to send our troops to? Please, I’m too sick to blog about how he wants to do away with nuclear weapons and trust the other countries to do the same. I just can’t stomach it right now. How incredibly weak and stupid we must look to our enemy?
The Palestine woman: who stood up and left the room during President Netanyahu’s speech. What a disgrace! No further explanation needed.
The rest of the world leaders: who gave their ears to the Iranian lunatic! Shame on you!

We live in a world led by too many fools!


  1. Alesa james1:09 AM

    Hank all I have to say is...well yor right and if anyone understands the Bible and revelations they to will understand. They should get one that interputs the Greek and hebrew to get the full meaning...........the End times are indeed being fullfilled, however I believe we have a ways to go.........so people ramp up know the truth get with it.and be a person who stands for what is right,not a bystander,be a person who has heart and belives what is is truth and stands by that truth. we need men and women with girth.