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Friday, September 04, 2009

A Health Care Scenario Under Obama

Is any one reading Obama's Healthcare plan the Dems are falling all over themselves to push into law? I especially love the "End of life planing, counseling, and method options" that's right, you old and useless to society. You've lived your life and now your just a burden. But our great government will help you decide how and when to end your pathetic life. No, it isn't suicide or genicide, it is healthcare. Don't want to die and relieve us all of your financial burden. Okay! To the back of the line maam. Off you go. We will get to you when we can. Excuse me maam, we realize your in pain and in need of an operation, but we have 214 illegal aliens to treat before you, further to the rear of the line maam. Excuse me maam? The fact that you have paid taxes all your working life has been subtracted from the fact that you were a cigarette smoker for a number of years and therefore responsible for untold numbers of victims to secondhand smoke health issues. You maam, are a part of the problem, not the solution to our grave healthcare problem. Please reconsider our End of Life planing option. Besides, it is free and someone can see you immediately or go take your place at the end of the line. Thank you! Maam, I am sorry you are in pain and cannot get a refill of your medications without seeing the doctor first. It isn't our problem that your a baby boomer and have lived your life in luxury only to waste resources before today when you need them. Besides, there are so many younger patients who could use the medications rations and still benefit society. Well maam, it may not be right but it's the law! I'm becoming very impatient with you and your self righteous tone. Shall I report you to the White House for speaking ill about the peoples health care? That's right! No go on to the back of the line, go home, or go to the door to the left and receive your end of life counseling. Really maan, if I were you I would. NEXT please!

Yes, a lot of my own creative imagination here but read the plan yourself. Maybe you will see how the above scenario could someday be a reality if this plan is put into effect.

Do you really want to have a government worker directing your health options? Something to think about the next time your in line for a car tag.

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