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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Insults from Bama Bubba's & Homers!

IM sorry, I was reading the posts and wouldn't you know an Alabama fan would be calling an Auburn tigress White Trash!

People, if you have ever visited the great state of Alabama, you have been exposed to what the Darwin Theory believers call the Missing Link. This is the type of human being that appears to be stepping out of the crouch from Ape to man in your 5th grade science book explaining evolution. If you do not understand what I am trying to explain, pay close attention to the next "person" you see wearing an Alabama T-shirt, Cap, or Jersey. Notice the extended forehead and deep set eyes that are almost always set too close to each other. Listen to this "person's" Speech, notice not only the slurred and simple words spoken, but also the structure or lack thereof of the speech pattern. Also notice the element of fantasy mixed in with facts. Please try not to focus on obvious distractions such as "Tide" Washing Detergent boxes or Rolls of toilet tissue worn as a cultural Headdress. If the offensive odor emanating from these "person's" does not prevent a closer look you will no doubt see a Dale Jr. #8 or a Houndstooth hat tattoo somewhere on this "person's" body. Right now is a great time to find one of these "person's" strolling through Wal-Mart or K-Mart stores, Since the Alabama football team has actually won Seven games in a row. In the past few years you had to spot one of these "Person's" by their similar facial features as noted above, mostly wearing overall's, Greasy Jeans and Dale Jr. Ball caps due to their embarrassment in associating with the Crimson Tide when they have losing seasons. Just in case the Tide drifts out to sea again you can always find any local trailer park, flea market, state fair or even a quick trip out to the Talladega speedway to find this common breed of "person's".

A word to the wise, please do not provoke these "persons" by shouting a War Eagle! Or Go Vols! Within earshot of them, they have not advanced enough to overcome the animalistic urge to throw Jack Daniels bottles while cursing wildly, slash tires, and using obscene body language in their frustration to communicate as we do. Being called White Trash or any other insult from a Tide fan can only be a compliment.

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