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Friday, May 07, 2010

Far Left Radicals Label Law Abiding Citizens Racist For Demanding Border Laws be Enforced

The latest attempt at reducing the value of Caucasian Americans from the politically correct far left socialist radicals by means of their expedient media arm is to charge anyone who supports the Arizona Criminal Alien law which was signed into law by their Governor as racist. This comes directly after Barrack Obama refers to those who legislated the law as “Misguided”. It is simply the same old story and the same old labeling of those who oppose the far left radicals in their agenda of ruination of this once great country. The enablers of this insane practice can only be blamed on those who stand by silently and forego their very own freedom of speech to stand up against such lies and twisting of the truth and common sense which was paid for by the blood of our own troops to ensure the right to speak out against a rogue government. Don’t forget, as I’m afraid that so many American’s have already that it was not the criminally illegal aliens who fought our countries battles to establish our liberty and freedom. Nor was it the politicians of this land that seek to ridicule those of us who bare the financial cost of our open border to the south through they’re failure to do the governments primary duty of keeping this countries national defense strong and our borders secure. The laws that have been in place to secure and defend our borders have been grossly ignored and neglected at the expense of every working and tax paying American by those elected to federal office for many decades. The criminally illegal aliens have bum rushed our country at the tune of dozens of millions without one single act from our government to stop the maddening flow of this invasion of foreign peoples into our country to devour our resources. The debts incurred by this neglect cannot be truly measured except by the continual decrease of jobs and our economy and the ever growing increase of entitlement programs which have been draining our economy to the breaking point and has become utterly unsustainable to continue. Yet, our politicians scold the common taxpayer when they vent their frustrations of the governments purposeful failure to simply enforce the laws that will deter the problem altogether. Instead our elected officials choose to label us racist and uncompassionate and talk of reforming the immigration laws which we know only means amnesty for the law breakers who enter our country to pursue the benefits of our land tax free while receiving entitlements they are not entitled to by any stretch of the imagination. The people of this country that are tired of being fleeced by the government have collectively shown their disapproval by attending or joining the Tea Party movements and have continually been harassed by the elitist members of our elected officials by being falsely accused of being violent when no such evidence exists. In the short time that the Hispanics have protested the new Arizona law, there have been many such violent incidents of police officers being pelted by thrown bottles and threats from those who oppose of killing Arizona law enforcement officials yet the national media which is the voice of our government remains silent to they’re atrocities while searching for any incident no matter how small of white Americans using any form of offensive type protests. This is utter hypocrisy which only worsens by the minute. All Americans wish only for our government to enforce the laws of the land and to keep us safe and this is worthy of scorn from our politically correct members of our radical far left government and it is enabled also by the silent members of the Republican Party who chooses to remain a weak and useless adversary of the Democratic Party. If we do not make a stand and voice our outrage these atrocities against our constitution and our way of life will continue to erode away with the invasion of criminal illegal aliens who possess un-American ideas.

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