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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Burglar's That Broke Into You Home and Refused to Leave

Imagine someone trespassing on your property. Even worse, imagine this trespasser’s breaking into your home and you call the police and tell them you have burglars in your home and the police show up but will not take them to jail. You tell the police that they have no right to be in your home but all they say is I’m sorry, and I understand but our hands are tied and there is absolutely nothing we can do for you. The police leave but the Burglar’s do not. They stay in your home and demand to be fed and given their own rooms and even cash allowances yet they do not offer to pay for the use of your resources. They say they have a right to be in your home and still they won’t leave. Again, you go to the authorities and demand that they take action in your defense. You tell them that you absolutely do not want them in your home. You stress to them that they are crowding your house, eating your food, and stealing your possessions. You cry out that you simply cannot afford them and sustain your household full of uninvited guests. You illustrate that these burglar’s brought their children with them and that you have to pay for their education and healthcare when you can hardly afford your own. The authorities simply shrug their shoulders and send you away without any recourse. You call and write your Representatives and demand action be taken for the crimes against you but they only send you a form letter thanking you for writing them and assuring you that they understand your difficulties and are working on legislation to help you with this crime. You continue to write and call and soon you no longer even receive responses from them other than a letter asking for your vote and or contribution to their political campaign. The burglar’s then invite more of their fellow burglar’s to move into your home with their children. To your amazement they begin to create and have children of their own while they are residing with you on your dime. You continue to support them yet get nothing in return but an amazing amount of debt that you could never pay on your salary. The value of your home diminishes because of the other crimes that these burglar’s commit within the neighborhood. The atrocities never seem to end and you are totally fed up of the inaction of the police to take action. You complain with other victim’s locally and on the state level who suffer the same problem of Burglar’s breaking into their homes illegally and staying with no plans of leaving. Your group seeks political action and representation but instead you are shocked to see that the President is aware of this situation and is suggesting giving the Burglar’s amnesty to those who have broken the law and moved into your home. On the television, you see and hear Senator’s and Congressmen stating that you are a bigoted racist if you are against these kind and noble Burglar’s who have broke inside of your home and remained there at cost only to you. These politicians say that the burglar’s are good for the over all economy because there are jobs that nobody else will do that they will work. They say this knowing that the victim’s are never reimbursed for their cost of supporting them. Now you are incensed that the authorities no longer consider you a victim of a crime, but a racist and fear monger. In addition to this the government plans to raise your taxes to pay for they’re own out of control spending while you are losing your own health care and benefits caused by the strain of covering addition dependents for all the Burglar’s living in your house. You hear that in the State of Arizona, they have established a law that they will arrest and prosecute Burglar’s who enter your home illegally and you cheer in glee that finally in a state far removed from yourself the government is taking action and it gives you hope that your own state will help remove the Burglar’s from your own home. You then hear the federal politicians along with your president that this is a misguided law and that it is wrong for the police to take action for these crimes and it violates the burglar’s civil and individual rights for police to harass them. They are afraid that the victims will offend the burglar’s simply because the Victim’s do not want them around. You ask yourself why the insanity? This is my home not theirs! Why will the federal government officials not act on the laws of the land? You ask in vain because you know that all the politicians in power want to give the Burglar’s amnesty in return for their voting block. You know that you are being sold out by your own government simply for more votes that will ensure their power over you. You know this to be true and to add insult to injury you are labeled a racist.

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  1. Its only going to get worse and worse under the Liberals........and most Conservatives are too apathetic and scared to say anything....thanks for taking a stand