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Saturday, April 17, 2010

No Justice For Child Victims of Sexual Predators

Once again our justice system has proven that it isn’t interested in keeping the sick and perversely twisted monsters in prison that continually prey upon the innocent children in our nation. These sick freaks whom viciously rape and molest children to satisfy their blood lust and reprehensible desire to gratify their demon possessed driven fantasies are routinely paroled after being convicted as a sexual predator after a ridiculously short prison stint only to be sent back out in the public to search for they’re next victim. Just recently, John Albert Gardner III was released from prison after spending only 5 years behind bars for the horrendous beating and molestation of a 13 year-old girl. For this crime our justice system felt that Gardner had served enough time for his gruesome assault against such a young child and apparently felt as though he was harmless enough to chance allowing him the freedom to be sent back to his hunting grounds. Was there any thought whatsoever from these fools responsible for his release back into the community where he could serve his pleasure upon more innocent children? Was the justice system more concerned for John Albert Gardner’s rights than those of the children who are put at risk when he is loose? Apparently that is the case. As we all know Chelsea King, 17 was abducted while walking to school, raped and strangled to death at the hands of Gardner who was supposed to be under watch by authorities. Not too long afterwards, Amber Dubois, 14 was also raped and stabbed to death during the assault. She was buried in a shallow grave, thrown away like trash in a dump by this monster after he achieved his pleasures. Sometime before his arrest Gardner had failed at an attempt to abduct a female jogger who successfully escaped him. Amazingly, the families of King and Dubois supported a plea bargain for Gardner to spare his life with life in prison without the possibility of parole. Well thank you! I am sure that makes the rest of those monsters’s feel better about the penalty phase they will receive when their habit of raping and killing children ends in arrest, if their crimes are ever discovered. Yes, thank you for placing everybody else’s children at risk of what you have endured. A special thank you should be given to the District Attorney in San Diego County, Bonnie Dumanis for her speed of giving in to a plea bargain for such an insane monster as Gardner. Your lack of interest in prosecuting child monster’s will no doubt place even more children in the hands of these sadistic killers of children. How many more children must be brutally raped, strangled to death and buried in shallow graves until the justice system begins serving true justice in the name of these murdered children? How many more of these creatures will be set free to hunt down school children? It is time that all citizen’s vote out of office any District Attorney who does not jealously seek the death penalty for such monsters as these. It is time we hold all involved in the justice system who parole these sexual offenders by holding them personally responsible for any harm after their decision to release a sexual offender. They should face very harsh prison time for such a careless decision. But until then we will continue to see the pictures of children that the justice system refused to protect flashing on our television screens time and time again reminding us that justice has not been served.


  1. Anonymous3:44 AM

    Yes officer...terribly sad!

  2. Sarah Sexton1:47 PM

    My predator pled guilty to "sexual assault" after mollesting me for 3 years and did 6 months. Now they won't make him register because even though his plea deal that he signed said "assault", other court documents erroneously use the term "abuse" which is not even the name of a crime in Alabama, so he gets off on a technicality for other's mistakes even though he said "I am guilty of sexual assault on a child." Sad. First the original sentence was sad and now this...

  3. The prosecutor on this case should have caught that Sarah. I hate plea bargains unless their is no hope of winning the trial. Most D.A.'s are too willing to let them plead. And in your case this does nothing to protect you or others around you from this happening again. Totally disgusting. Thank's for reading Sarah!
    Thanks Anonymous! :)