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Thursday, April 29, 2010

How much more are we willing to ignore?

I spend a lot of hours driving around at night on my job and therefore have much time to think and let my mind wander. Here lately I have found that I am very disappointed in my fellow countrymen and the government that has the responsibility to serve us. I am greatly disturbed by the fact that the citizens of this country have allowed elected officials to become so deeply rooted into the practice of corruption that there may never be a chance to restore integrity, honor and service to the people of our land again. We have allowed policy makers to become auctioneer’s who barter, trade and bid with each other over very serious life changing regulations as well as placing us under policy set to favor the ever growing special interest groups and agendas. In this process, these elected officials of ours have become crooked Kingpins that bribe their fellow officials with the very money we have earned from the sweat of our brow. The latter has become nothing less than prostitutes selling all dignity of their office for personal gain and or special interest that never considers the working American of the middle class which is the true engine of our economy and American ingenuity that made this country once great. Our citizens have lost sight of the founding of this country and its bedrock foundation of the combination of our founding fathers belief in God and his guidance, and the individual and inalienable rights bestowed upon us by God that led to the creation of our Constitution which guarantees our freedom. We have forgotten or ignored the importance that this document is static and not evolving. The founding fathers understood that an evolving constitution unravels and erodes the powers of the document and could only remove us from the purpose of our guaranteed freedoms and the role of our government to be restrained with limited power over We the People. We have allowed our first amendment rights to freedom of speech and a free press to be placed in the trust and guardianship of corporations susceptible to greed who are willing to ignore the truth and facts they are responsible to broadcast in exchange for the payoffs by corrupt government officials on the bribe by the special interest groups who national policy is now framed for their benefit and power. In return, the citizens are brow beat with lies and misinformation to confuse and convince the masses into believing this country is operating in their best interest. We have lost the will and responsibility to analyze and research the actions of our elected officials and most importantly to hold them accountable to severe punishment for their corruption. These reasons and more have caused our countrymen to split into groups and divisions based solely on their own personal preference of belief, race, culture, sexual preference, entitlement, religion, and other, or combinations of these for the purpose of self desire while ignoring the needs of fair policy that serves all. These groups have achieved power by uniting under the big tent collective bargaining Party which is known today as the Democratic Party which solely exists for the purpose of garnering the most votes that guarantees the survival of there ever increasing thirst of power and control over the citizens of this country. This Party disguises itself as an all inclusive and all equal political Party while it works daily to tear down the principles that we lived under that once made this country great. How much more of the constitution will be sold out from under We the People? How many more times will our government ignore the constraints of our constitution by bypassing them to create laws and regulations? How much more will be taken from us until we serve the government instead of our government serving us? How much more are we willing to ignore? 


  1. I do not think this country will recover. I dont think the average person cares what is happening.

  2. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Hank, for so long you have been supportive of my media career and I appreciate that. But I must say that you, also, have strong writing skills that cannot be ignored. This blog is a wonderful example. I share your views and opinions but even more so, am impressed by your way of sharing your thoughts of such in written words. Kudos, my friend and a note to say, I won't be surprised to see your future thoughts in NATIONAL PUBLICATION. Keep it up!!

  3. Wow, what an awesome compliment. Thank you very much!