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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Finebaum loses stock- Coach Nick Saban

Paul Finebaum has completely lost his objectivity while under the Saban Spell that has quickly consumed the Tide Nation. He boldly, if not arrogantly announces the best Alabama Head Football Coach since the Paul Bear Bryant days. It is very hard for me to believe any average Joe Six-pack sports fan would make such a wild prediction, least of all Paul Finebaum. Has he forgotten Coach Gene Stallings? Has he forgotten the National Championship Gene Stallings brought to the University of Alabama? Paul Finebaum has also bought into the notion that Coach Nick Saban will indeed provide the Tide Nation with it's 13th National Title within the incredible window of time of only 4 years. That is a fantastic prediction. That my friends is a bold sign of faith that Paul Finebaum really believes that Coach Nick Saban, and the Alabama Crimson Tide will be the perfect match. Therefore, all Alabama needs is Coach Nick Saban, and all Coach Nick Saban needs is the University of Alabama.How arrogant!Coach Nick Saban has a NCAA career record of 91-42-11 hotly argued share of the 2003 National Championship.WOWScoot over Paul Bear Bryant, Joe Pa, Bobby Bowdon, Steve Spurrior, and Eddie Robinson, Coach Nick Saban was all Alabama needed!

I could see the excitement reach a fever pitch as it has with Paul Finebaum and the drunk Tide girl that draped Saban and was later arrested for DUI if Bama had landed Coach Steve Spurrior, but Nick Saban? This is a Coach who did a great job at LSU, a One Major University State filled with talent and very little recruitment competition. Also Saban inherited a talent rich team recruited by Coach Gerry Dinardo. He hardly started from scratch.

And all it cost was 30 + Million dollars and defaulting on a previous contract with a Coach that really loved Alabama and was there when Alabama needed him the most. But all is fair in a contract buy out.

Paul Finebaum has really set the bar high for Coach Nick Saban, but even more interesting than that is that Finebaum has set the bar extremely high for his own credibility.

I knew Paul Finebaum was a big fan of the University of Alabama, but I was shocked that he would so quickly lose all objectivity. We all heard his 11-2 Auburn Who? Comments, and other ridiculous and disrespectful comments on other teams and coaches. I could chalk it up to a lashing out in frustration, a sense of desperation while being totally dominated and drowned by the success of the cross state rival in Auburn University, which Paul so fondly refers to as the "Red Headed Step Child University."

I can imagine in this same way of reasoning that Paul Finebaum and his Hallelujah Saban Quartet must be fantasizing about the other SEC coaches like Tubberville, Fullmer, Spurrior, Nutt, Meyer, Richt and Miles calling a meeting to throw in the towel since Alabama now has the incredible Coach Nick Saban. Yes, Mr. Finebaum I'm sure that they are!

Of all the people who have commented on this latest Alabama Head coach hiring, I believe former Alabama Quarterback Andrew Zow was the most objective and used a heaping amount of common sense when he made his comment that the Tide will improve with Saban as the coach, but he did not go overboard with his opinion or predictions. When asked if Auburn or Tubberville should be shaken that Nick Saban is now the Alabama Coach, Zow stated, "Not at all! I don't think they would be shaken at all, they are a winning program, they are proven. They know what they need to do to keep their program going. Alabama on the other hand is still building their program back up to where it needs to be. Tubberville on the other hand has been winning, beating Alabama the past 5 years."Now I believe Andrew Zow is being objective, not trying to belittle anyone's program but instead looking at the facts and trying to make logical predictions based on that.

What surprises me the most is the total blind faith of Paul Finebuam, and the Tide hopeful. What are they seeing that the rest of the country fails to see? Did they not see how Coach Saban acted as he met the fans at the airport? Or at the press conference? I did not see excitement at all. I saw a man that looked like he was ready to cash his check in a bank line.

Do you all actually believes he gives a rip about Alabama other than the ridiculous lottery score they are providing him with?


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