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Monday, January 01, 2007

Sex, Lies, and Roadside Bombings!

Sex, Lies, and Roadside Bombings!

There is no way you can escape hearing that the American death toll has reached 3,000. The news media has held their breath long enough for the number to reach 3,000 and now they are reminding everyone how many soldiers we have lost in the Iraq war. Congressmen grimace as they shake their heads in blame. Senators scramble to be the first to proclaim that America is losing the Iraq war. Protesters light candles and wear armbands to show their support of withdrawing our troops, and casting blame on the president for ever daring to protect the citizens from terrorist attacks on our own soil.

It must be devastating to the families of soldiers killed in the line of duty. Giving everything they had in the greatest of sacrifices. This selfless act demands the respect of all Americans. Every single soldier lost on the battlefield is a sacrifice in the name of freedom. Freedom is not cheap; it is paid for with the blood of our fallen.

All we ever hear from the media is how horrible the war is going. How we are losing this war, how we should have never invaded Iraq. How much we underestimated such a vicious enemy.

The media has acted for the benefit of our enemy as a propaganda machine doing everything in its power to make the American people believe we are losing this war. The national media market has portrayed the American soldier as a barbaric thug, killing innocent Iraqi citizens in an illegal war designed to profit from the regions oil supplies.

The media wants you to believe we are losing this war, crunching numbers to highlight all the negative realities of war, without showing any positive influences we have had during this war.

3,000 troops Dead!!!

Hey, let’s look at some numbers the media doesn’t want you to think about!

42,116 people were killed in traffic accidents in 2001. That’s 114 a day!

The common Flu kills 20,000 people a year in the United States!

15,517 people are murdered on average in the United States each year!!!!!

17, 229 people die from falls each year!

3,306 people drown by accident in the United States each year!!!!

3,369 people die from smoke, flame, or fire in the United States each year!

19,457 people die from accidental poisoning “drugs” in the U.S. each year!!

2, 855 people die from complications of surgery and medical treatment each year!

The Media wants you to believe that 3,000 American soldiers dying in a war is much too costly, and not worth fighting terrorism over.

Let’s crunch these numbers!

KIA = Killed In Action

The Revolutionary War
American Troops Dead- 10,623
War lasted 80 Months Average KIA: 55 Per Month

War of 1812
American Troops Dead- 6,765
War Lasted 30 Months Average KIA: 75 per month

Mexican War
American Troops Dead- 17,435
War lasted 20 months Average KIA 75 per month

Civil War
Union Troops Dead- 634,703
Confederate Troops Dead- 335,524
Total combined Troops Dead 970,227
War lasted 48 months Average KIA 2,293 per month

Spanish – American War
American Troops Dead- 4,108
War lasted 4 months Average KIA 1,000 per month

American Troops Dead- 320,710
War lasted 19 months Average KIA 2,816 per month

American Troops Dead- 1,078,162
War lasted 44 Months Average KIA 6,639 per month

Korean War
American Troops Dead- 136,935
War lasted 37 months Average KIA 909 per month

Vietnam War
American Troops Dead- 211,471
War lasted 90 months Average KIA 526 per month

Iraq War
3,000 American Troops Dead in Iraq
Almost 4 years in combat. Average KIA 50 per month

The American media needs to start reporting the truth, whatever the truth may be. The fact is that the American citizen is a lot smarter than the spin doctors of the out of control media, and we are just about fed up with all the lies.

Report the news or get out of the business.


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