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Friday, October 30, 2009

I Tagged You For a Site Review!

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Democratic Party-The Party of Hypocrisy

Democrats seem to be in competition with each other to see who can be the most bizarre political figure holding office or simply the most extreme radical. Meanwhile we American's are suffering through a terrible recession that the Dem's seem to be in total denial over. Can you feel the pinch? I sure can! I wonder if Bill Clinton can feel my pain? Good Lord, I never thought I would see the day when I would consider him to be more of a conservative Ex-President comparing to what we have in Washington D.C. today. Well, let me say something to you Democrats. It's the ECONOMY STUPID! How has the Stimulus Bill helped you regular Joe's out there? This Joe Lunch Bucket has a much lighter lunch bucket to carry lately. I can't afford to pay attention, much less pay for gas. Maybe that is one of Obama's "Hope"'s. Listen, I remember Obama cheering to the crowds of goo goo eyed, star struck audiences when he announced "CHANGE" as his platform by introducing transparency. Where is it please? My worst subject during my schools days was math. It was all Greek to me but I made it through life with a calculator or a friend that knew it but even my dumb self can see the White House isn't giving us the right numbers on how many jobs have been so called "created" by this stimulus package. The numbers are skewed and it sure isn't showing to be true with the "out of work" friends I know. So tell me how the math will work on the ten year proposed budget neutral health care bill that wont add "One Dime" to our deficit. Please! How stupid do they really think we are? The fact that we have a deficit at all is proof enough to me that both parties have no ability to balance a budget. And we are expected to believe Obama, Pelosi, and the rest of this radical mob? No, it won't add one dime to the deficit, it will add BILLIONS of dimes for a lot longer than ten years. I really am disgusted with this fairy-tale driven administration and their attitude that we serve them instead of those in the administration serving "We The People"!. The unveiling of this health-Crime Bill was show cased before a hand picked audience and the West side of the Capital building where my son and I were allowed to roam freely during a field trip there last year was closed off to the public and our United States Capital police were used as bar bouncers to exclude anyone who was not on a Nancy Pelosi pre-approved list of allowed citizens. Chicago and San Fransisco pay to play politics will get you a ticket in. Just ask all the Union members present. I'm sure it came out of the bail-out money. No pain for them as it would be for us Joe Lunch Buckets huh? This Elite mob of radicals don't stop there with they're tactics. The 1,990 page proposed health Crime Bill is being posted online for 72 long hours ( There is your Transparency! ) for us to peruse at our pleasure, as long as we find the time to read two-thousand pages of legalese and understand it within 72 hours. I'll tell you this. When these days of history are recorded and studied by future societies they will be mind boggled at how stupid we American's are for electing this crowd. How embarrassing! But if that isn't enough already, how do you enjoy the record breaking total hypocrisy of this administration and our congress. Congressman Alan Grayson is allowed to call Advisor to the Fed Chairman, Linda Robertson a K-Street Whore! Is this not one of the worst sin's you can commit in the Political Correct Religion? What HYPOCRISY! If this were a Conservative, oh for crying out loud we all know what would happen to Grayson. If Grayson thinks Linda Robinson is a whore by the standards of occupations, what does this make Congressman Alan Grayson? A Road House Slut? He has totally sold out the constitution in his role of being a Representative. But, we all know this guy literally is a lunatic. I wonder what his constituents in Florida's District 8 must feel about this monster of an embarrassment to their district? hell, I'm embarrassed for them! But it all boils down to the fact that these radicals have no principals, no lie is too big to tell, and in their eyes we are just the little people who no longer deserve protection from the constitution of our freedom. What is next?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Use of common Sense is Necessary with Animal Rights Issues

I am an animal lover and volunteer for those who help them when I can. I am also a public servant in the capacity of a police officer. I have always loved animals as all of my family members. We have literally rescued more hurt or stray creatures than I can count. I am not however to the extreme as such animal rights people who seem to hold the perspective that a Tadpole = a Puppy = a Human Baby. I believe these types do more damage to the movement of animal rights and lobbying for laws that protect them. Common sense should be the rule of thumb. As in this "Mindy story", I believe the author is sincere yet I am experienced enough on both sides of caring about the needs of dogs mistreated and from the standpoint of being a public servant. It is very easy to point fingers and judge those who work for a public "city" animal shelter and suggest what they should have or have not done. These employees cannot make decisions outside of their department policy. They just can't. I myself have been in very dangerous situations with dogs while on duty as a police officer. To suggest that "Dangerous dog breeds" are not dangerous is a foolish assumption. A dog becomes what a person puts inside him. In the case of Pit Bulls, this particular dog is an extremely powerful animal with a bite that can crush the largest of human bones and of course can and will kill humans as obvious documentation has shown. When a public servant whether dog catcher or policeman is called to the scene of a dangerous dog we have no choice but to use any tool necessary to control the animal for capture in order that we are safe from all manners of disease or injuries or worse. We are not called to come visit a lovable pet dog. That never happens. We are called when an animal has attacked or is a threat to attack. We have no knowledge of if the Pit bull has been raised friendly or trained to viciously attack. We have no choice but to approach every animal as dangerous and capable to severely injure us. After all, they are very terrified animals by this point and even children know a scared animal is a dangerous animal. I have been present many times when their is nothing humanly possible left to do but to put the suffering animal down. I have also read blogs or newspaper articles where the shelters and public servants were very unfairly judged for what made a good sensitive story, leaving out chunks of pertinent information others were not aware of. Are there instances of animal abuse that happen? Well of course the there is. But don't throw the baby out with the bath water. A lot of these people who are condemned to hell are simply doing all they can while all else is oiut of their control. Focus needs to be placed on those
who are truly mistreating and fighting animals out of criminal profit and ignorance.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Stand Up and Fight Back!

We American's have allowed our freedom of speech to be taken from us because of our fear to be labeled or branded by the false prophets of the religion of political correctness. Stand up Americans and have your say. Point out the hypocrcies of this false religion. What is right is right. What is wrong is wrong. This will never change. What has changed and is the difference between our founding fathers and us is that we are not willing to lose anything we have and the founding fathers were willing to lose everything including their lives to live and speek free. Are we going to wait until we are faced with such threats or will we stand up and fight back to have our freedom of speech restored?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Police Vrs. Dangerous Dog Breeds

All police officers should be able to tell you a wild war story involving a Pit bull or other dangerous breed dog. At one time or another we have placed ourselves in dangerous situations with dangerous animals during the course of our regular duties. At times, police officers receive frequent calls about dangerous dogs on the loose, fighting dogs calls, or violent attacks by dangerous dogs. Nevertheless, many of our Officers face this danger routinely without any regulation or laws in place that deal with the issue of dangerous dogs. Many times officers are faced with the decision to shoot a dangerous dog when they are attacked by one or when the threat is apparent that an attack is imminent. In urban areas owning a Pit bull has become a status symbol and fighting them has become a lucrative form of gambling. It is well known that some gangs and drug dealers train Pit bulls to guard or protect areas where they do business, and still others train them to attack police officers. Should local Governments establish regulations and ordinances for owning Pit bulls and other dangerous dogs?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Who Protects the Protectors?

It is time the voters of this country collectively hold it's politicians and lawmakers responsible and accountable for the runaway crime rate and purge society of it's convicted repeat violent offenders.
The constitution we all have sworn to uphold has been weakened and adulterated to the point of its only usefulness is to liberate the criminal from penalties required for his crimes while victims and law abiding citizens are left with only the protection of a reactionary law enforcement force that is grossly out numbered by the criminal population. Law enforcement officers have a duty to act upon all crime while also being held to a perfect standard and being held accountable and liable for each and every split second decision and action against the most lawless of society.
The self defense of a law enforcement official is held to the highest standard of scrutiny while the rights of a criminal is protected and guarded as sacred regardless of his assault or murder of a police officer, let alone a citizen he is charged to protect.. Any assault against a law enforcement official should be regarded as an assault on the constitution of the united states of america, and all the citizens it was crafted to protect. Furthermore, any assault on a law enforcement official should be a federal offense with heavily imposed and strictly enforced penalties up to and including death for the murder of an officer. If the citizens of the united states truly have guaranteed civil rights, why are the ones who are charged with the duty to enforce those rights and protect the citizen from falling the victim of crime not given the protection of legislation that would impose stricter and more severe punishment including hard labor and restitution when convicted of violent crimes against a law enforcement official? After all, the assault or threat of assault against a police officer is an assault or threat against all citizens and the laws themselves.
The past few years have been some of the deadliest years in law enforcement across the nation in the past 28 years. These deaths should not only alarm those in law enforcement, but also each and every citizen. How much longer will law enforcement be able to continue to hire capable and qualified candidates to fill these desperately needed positions when an already grossly underpaid and overworked police force nationwide continues to be preyed upon without thought by the ever increasing violent criminal offender who has better and more acurate weapons, and an ever increasing willingness to use them against the officers? As with the bargain basement salaries of local law enforcement officers continuing to fall far behind those salaries in the private job market, so does the lowering of standards and qualifications of candidates for law enforcement. The hiring pool for local law enforcement continues to shrink due to the lack of value society continues to ignore concerning the bare minimum rate of pay and lack of benefits that are awarded to those who are willing to accept the position, resulting in an increase of corruption in the profession. How much longer will we allow this to happen, and at what cost to us all?

This country will continue to be under siege until the American public demands that its citizens be protected from crime and terrorism and that its borders be properly and effectively guarded and protected. This must be the very first priority above all else if we continue to believe in and guarantee civil rights for all. After all, what good are civil rights and criminal laws when you live in constant fear of criminals committing crimes of violence at will? What good are laws that protect crimes against persons when the applicable penalties are ignored or bargained down to lesser charges and weaker sentences?
Every new generation breeds a more violent criminal population, yet more prisoners are pardoned and paroled to re-enter society with a stronger body and an increase in criminal sophistication to better victimize society. And the endless cycle continues and multiplies all in the name of prison overcrowding and civil rights, again trumping the safety and prosperity of law abiding citizens.
Building larger and more generic prisons that are self sufficient and maintained through the daily use of hard labor required of each prisoner serving every hour of his full sentence would both discourage crime and reduce the financial loss incured by crime drastically.
It may be argued that I am placing a greater value upon law enforcement victims over the non-law enforcement victim of violent crime. However, if you understand that laws are enacted by the will of the people for the greater good of all, then you should understand that the enforcement of those laws are necessary in order for them to be followed. This is what makes us a civilized society. In essence, law enforcement personnel are the will of the people in human form. The will of the people to be free and prosper in the pursuit of happines without becoming a victim. Therefore when law enforcement officials are violently attacked, everyone is symbolically attacked also.
Never before has the need to defend ourselves abroad and at home been greater. Never before has the individual responsibility of the people been greater to demand their personal safety from the most petty of criminals in your own neighborhood to the larger nationwide threats of illegal immigration and terrorism. Your voice and your votes matter and will be the deciding factor.
How will you use it?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jennifer Edwards 1986 - 2000

I know you walk the streets of gold
hand in hand with angels bold
listening to stories of ancient old
pausing to greet family who came before
waiting patiently for those adored
to walk from beyond through heaven's door

All the glory that must surround
must surely be brighter from your smile
angels sing from wings aloft
ready to gather those once lost
you sit and pet both lion and lamb
for peace and love will never dim
only waiting for more to come
to gather together a family as one

We miss you dearly with earthly toil
selfish love yearns for our loved
but heaven was ready to receive your joy
it was but a gift from God above
who knows best his perfect love

God was ready to give your crown
as you kneel at his feet to praise his name
now cloaked in purple in a royal gown
you ran the race and received your prize
at last he wiped the last tears from your eyes

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I am watching the Kentucky Vrs Auburn game on ESPN U. I know, the fact that you all know I am for Auburn would no doubt raise your eyebrows that I would put Kentucky before Auburn in describing this game. But why not? The ESPN U announcers have taken every opportunity to promote the Kentucky team and individuals at every opening of their biased mouths. Every time Auburn lines up for an offensive play the announcers either comment on Auburn struggling offensively and the Kentucky defense is given credit for hard play. When Auburn has a false start penalty thrown against them the announcers quickly give credit to the Kentucky defense for keeping Auburn out of sync or poor offensive preparation for the game. When Kentucky gets the ball it is praise after praise for all blue and white. Never mind the fact that Auburn should not have near the win loss record they have at this point and have achieved outstanding success against the odds.
I take nothing away from Kentucky. They are playing a hell of a typical hard hitting SEC game. Kudos surely go to them, but the obvious bias of the ESPN U announcers are sickening. This has happened previously also during the Auburn Vs West Virginia game while the Mountaineers seemed to be in charge of the game, Auburn stayed just below the surface as the announcers crowed with glee about their assumption that West Virginia would win the match. Until the very end when Auburn stole the show from the Mountaineers the announcers continued their embarrassing biased diatribe for west virginia. Again tonight, no credit to Auburn.
It is just not entertaining to listen to color commentary in black and white.

Am I the only one who gets sick of the biased mainstream media?

I thought that the national media owes the viewing public the facts of any news story or situation they are suppose to be covering. Did I ask for their opinion? No. But they sure give it to me and it rarely lines up with my own opinion. I want the news that has been investigated objectively and then have the anchor shoot it to me straight. Let me decide on what my perceptions of the facts are. I understand that most printed news historically has provided the current news and then behind that they have an op-ed page listing all the different viewpoints and opinions from the spin doctors. That is fine. That adds flavor and thought provoking ideas for me to consider however, now all I get from the national mainstream TV news outlets are opinion based propaganda of current politics and current news that fits the liberal agenda chosen to indoctrinate me with.
  Slick suits or pretty smiles with long legs deliver the news with a condescending tone telling me how I should believe and follow the doctrine of political correctness. The President himself utilizing CBS news from within the white house to force feed the viewers with his health-care bill pitch. Every night, hour by hour it is a constant barrage of liberal brainwashing pouring forth from the tube. It appears that I’m not the only one sick of it because there are so many cable news outlets that cater to the conservative viewpoint of politics. Ratings are showing that these alternatives to the mainstream news are pulling in far better ratings. But I must admit that I also wonder about the accuracy of the conservative outlets also. Although, I am pretty much convinced that the latter out performs in the category of   objectivity than the former.
  I also wonder why the duty to report is often neglected by both the liberal and conservative news agencies. Take for instance the A.C.O.R.N. scandal of voting fraud during the last presidential election combined with all the other forms of corruption behind this non-profit taxpayer funded organization. It simply took two very young filmmakers and a camera to take down the taxpayer funded organization of thieves. Where were the major news organizations? Were they told to turn a blind eye to this enormous scandal? Or did they simply choose to ignore it for political expediency and better access opportunities on less challenging stories to pursue. 
  Shame on all of them!
The following is the journalist creed. Maybe all the news outlets should follow this creed and report the news fair and accurately.

I believe in the profession of Journalism.
I believe that the public journal is a public trust; that all connected with it are, to the full measure of responsibility, trustees for the public; that acceptance of lesser service than the public service is a betrayal of this trust.
I believe that clear thinking, clear statement, accuracy and fairness are fundamental to good journalism.
I believe that a journalist should write only what he holds in his heart to be true. I believe that suppression of the news, for any consideration other than the welfare of society, is indefensible.
I believe that no one should write as a journalist what he would not say as a gentleman; that bribery by one's own pocket book is as much to be avoided as bribery by the pocketbook of another; that individual responsibility may not be escaped by pleading another's instructions or another's dividends.
I believe that advertising, news and editorial columns should alike serve the best interests of readers; that a single standard of helpful truth and cleanness should prevail for all; that supreme test of good journalism is the measure of its public service.
I believe that the journalism which succeeds the best-and best deserves success-fears God and honors man; is stoutly independent; unmoved by pride of opinion or greed of power; constructive, tolerant but never careless, self-controlled, patient, always respectful of its readers but always unafraid, is quickly indignant at injustice; is unswayed by the appeal of the privilege or the clamor of the mob; seeks to give every man a chance, and as far as law, an honest wage and recognition of human brotherhood can make it so, an equal chance; is profoundly patriotic while sincerely promoting international good will and cementing world-comradeship, is a journalism of humanity, of and for today's world.

A Creed for My Profession: Walter Williams, Journalist to the World by Ronald T. Farrar University of Missouri Press 1998 ISBN 0-8262-1188-7

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hurting People

Hurting people

Recently, I went through a horrible family crisis. One which could have been entirely avoided which left me with no one to blame but myself. The crises not only affected me but my family and several other innocent people.

As word quickly spread about like a grass fire of the situation we were going through many friends came to our support. It was very encouraging to have such friends give sincere uplifting wishes to us all. We all took it to heart as we needed encouragement at the moment of our despair.

However, I began receiving e-mail from one particular friend who was relatively new to our family. This friend came about our situation through another family member of hers who is also a friend of ours. One of my family members shared, in confidence, particulars of information that was relative to the big picture of our problem. She shared that information with her family member who felt the need to send me the e-mails which were filled with judgmental tones and indications that she had suffered the same problems in her past by another family member, yet she continued to give me unwelcomed advice, this advice from someone who barely knew me and had little understanding of the problem.

I responded with a reply of my own to inform this person that she was not aware of all the details involved and that she should not be judgmental of me in the first place due to the fact that her advice was not requested. This person responded by sending further emails that were clear attacks against me and several areas of my life and personal business including my job. Again I replied but this time I made it clear that it was entirely none of her business and I didn’t appreciate her nosing in on it.

Again the unwanted emails came in a flurry and grew stronger in language and references to the bible based on her belief and she suggested that I read my bible. At this time I became furious and wrote this persons family member to request that she tell her to leave me along in an attempt to keep the friend relationships from being damaged. This request went unanswered to me and I became even angrier due to this person being the one to speak of things told to her in confidence to someone who is clearly a speakeasy and gossip.

My family member sent messages to those who were involved in these attacks on me to point out that those who were attacking me seem to believe they are perfect and without blame in their own lives. She did this in a manner without using their identity. Needless to say this ignited more and more hurtful communications to the point that not only were the friendships damaged, but damaged beyond repair.

This whole ordeal with these “friends” left me bewildered and in constant thought of what would possess someone to attack an acquaintance and his family they barely knew during that family’s serious crisis. My thoughts were that this particular person was mentally unstable. I could think of no other reason until I was reminded of a leadership class I attended in which the subject of confrontations was discussed. I read a quote from the material written by John C. Maxwell which read,

“Hurting people hurt people and are easily hurt by them”.

This made perfect sense to me because this person hurting me with her words of condemnation made me believe that maybe she was still hurting from her bad experience with a family member in her past. Was she merely lashing out at me with anger as if I was the one who hurt her? Did she feel the need to cause me pain so strongly that she was willing to destroy friendships over something that was absolutely none of her concern or business to do so? Or was she simply crazy and off of her meds?

I choose to believe the former because it is more comforting and easier to understand than simply someone targeting me for evil words during a very hard time in my family’s life. I only wish that I had remembered the John C. Maxwell quote early enough to prevent the friendships from ending.

We all have pain that lays dormant deep inside of us that has never had time to heal. And once something breaks open that old wound the pain becomes fresh and as painful as ever. I hope these people that have chosen to kick me while I was down simply did so to ease their own suffering. If so I wish for them to get the help they need to heal.

As for me and my family we will continue to seek healing of our own and learn from this experience that hurting people hurt people and are easily hurt by them. Understanding that many people are in pain is a very good start.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Humiliation of Olympic Proportions


Humiliation of Olympic Proportions

It seems that our President and his “A-Team” the stardust sprinkling First Lady and Oprah traveling to Copenhagen to win the bid for the City of Chicago would be an eye opener for the celebrated crew that the world beyond CNN clearly sees through all the media pumped glamour that has long passed overkill in the United States. But I seriously doubt it.
          What has taken place by this administration in Copenhagen is nothing less than a complete failure for the President at a time when his attention is desperately needed in more urgent matters such as the requested troop build up in Afghanistan that his General states is desperately needed to win the war there. Or maybe his attention should be keenly focused on unemployment in the United States reaching a new high of 9.8 %, the highest in 30 years. In September there were 263,000 jobs lost and the 787 billion dollar stimulus package, another massive failure by the president, has done nothing to help the economy recover. Obviously, to me the economy would be much farther ahead if the stimulus package was divided among taxpayers and pumped into the real economy instead of being used to pay off his purchase of the presidency. Maybe instead of flying to Copenhagen the “A-Team” should have instead went back to Chicago to figure out how to stop the deadly violence in the Chicago city school district.
          The fact that this administrations failure is embarrassing enough to the United States that after President Obama begged for the games to be held in Chicago is overshadowed by the ultimate humiliation that this president continues to travel to foreign lands to put our country down.
 “We’ve got everyone. This could be a meeting in Chicago, because we look like the world. Over the last several years sometimes that fundamental truth about the United States has been lost,” he said.
“One of the legacies of this Olympic Games would be the restoration of that understanding of what the United States is all about and recognition of how we are linked to the world.” Obama.
Who the hell does he think he is to tell anyone over there the fundamental truth about the United States has been lost over the last several years? Excuse me? But the fundamental truth about the United States and its constitution has been lost since your election! Does he really think anyone at that Olympic committee actually cares about diversity? They are not governed by the religion and practices of political correctness. They know a phony when they see one. And it showed when after they’re groveling, when the United States was eliminated in the very first round. What a joke the rest of the world must think of our leader! And we are depending on him to negotiate terms with Iran? And we are to trust his health care plan he is pushing when he cannot even compete for a spectator sporting event?

But in the end this president will brush off this failure as nothing and his cronies will cry hatred against his political party, but sadly, we are stuck with this Hollywood celebrity in the oval office for the next 3 years.

Friday, October 02, 2009

America: guts and glory to cowardice and shame.

America: Guts and Glory to Cowardice and Shame.

If Americans of today were the Americans of yesterday, there would be no America.

Imagine Hitler today? How many Americans would be in denial of his evil intent? How many Americans would be ready to send our soldiers to stop him?

The attack on Pearl Harbor? America became enraged and gladly sent their sons to fight the evil Japanese and German Axis of evil. 2,335 US personnel dead, 68 civilians dead from the surprise attack. A country united to avenge their loss and protect their soil from further attacks.

Did Americans lose heart when reports of mass casualties came in from wire reports? Did Americans cry and lament the death of American soldiers being too costly a price to pay for their nations security? Did the politicians divide and play political chess over the needs of boosting troops for a more promising outcome in battle? Did politicians beg defeat and retreat when times were bad during combat? Did civilians protest the war as unjust? Did politicians spend billions of dollars on bail outs and whine about the cost of war to protect our home land and other nations? Did the mothers of sacrificed soldiers march and protest the war in which their son laid down his life for his country? Did the American press tally each American killed in action as too costly and wasteful of our country? Did our press sympathize with the enemy and show their despair?

On June 6th, 1944 the United States along with the United Kingdom and Canada stormed the beaches of Normandy, France in what is known as the D-day Invasion. Of those troops, 29,000 American soldiers were killed, 11,000 British soldiers were killed, 5,000 Canadian soldiers were killed. 12,200 French Civilians were killed or missing. America and their Allied troops won the biggest battle against Germany. A battle Germany would not recover from.

29,000 American soldiers killed in one battle!

Was there an outcry to withdraw our troops?

Did the politicians clamor that they could not stomach anymore loss?

Did the citizens demand our soldiers be brought home before the end of the war?

29,000 American soldiers killed in the D-day Invasion. 3,000+ American soldiers killed in Iraq in a war that has lasted almost 4 years.

2001 September 11th Terrorist attacks on US soil.
2,973 Innocent US Citizens Killed. Proof that American soil is considered a top target for Islamic terrorist radicals.

26 days after 9/11 The War on Terror is launched when US attacks Afghanistan.

Why now have Americans become so French like, so weak in their resolve to defend our lands from a sworn enemy who considers Americans to be Infidels? " Unbelievers"

Why has this generation of people turned their back on threats and outright attacks against their own American people?

Why are there more and more Americans embracing the protest movements and politicians seeking approval from the far left wing fringe than the soldiers who fight courageously to defend us all?

Why does the National American Press constantly sympathize with the enemy, and embrace politicians who do the same

Why does the Democrat party have no backbone in supporting this war when 3/4 of congress agreed to it?

Why will the president not send more troops to Afghanistan as his own General desperate requests?

How will we ever win a war if all we will do is cut and run when things go slowly or we reach 3,000 +soldier deaths?

Who will defend the citizens of the United States of America from our enemy if our soldiers are not allowed to?

How long after we tuck our tails and run like the Democrats want us to before the terrorist start bombing our own local grocery stores and hospitals?

How long until the War on Terror is being fought in our own backyards?

Will our Democratic elected government allow us to defend ourselves?