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43 Years old Born in Wilson, North Carolina. Work in Law Enforcement / Patrol, married I am a Political Conservative without a party to represent my vote. I dislike liars, especially the type who are politicians and preachers. I oppose abortion of any type at any stage. The baby is innocent and deserves life regardless of the mothers circumstances. I also dislike racists. Especially the kind that always scream racism at others when life doesn't go there way! Get a life, it's only skin color and God made idiots in all colors. I also dislike Democrats, they wouldn't know the truth if it bit them on the ass. I dislike Republicans, they are truly the most spineless creatures on God's green earth. I dislike arrogant environmentalist who think we can destroy what God created. If your homosexual, I don't dislike you, but please keep it in your own bedroom behind closed doors for the sake of the untwisted.

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Burglar's That Broke Into You Home and Refused to Leave

Imagine someone trespassing on your property. Even worse, imagine this trespasser’s breaking into your home and you call the police and tell them you have burglars in your home and the police show up but will not take them to jail. You tell the police that they have no right to be in your home but all they say is I’m sorry, and I understand but our hands are tied and there is absolutely nothing we can do for you. The police leave but the Burglar’s do not. They stay in your home and demand to be fed and given their own rooms and even cash allowances yet they do not offer to pay for the use of your resources. They say they have a right to be in your home and still they won’t leave. Again, you go to the authorities and demand that they take action in your defense. You tell them that you absolutely do not want them in your home. You stress to them that they are crowding your house, eating your food, and stealing your possessions. You cry out that you simply cannot afford them and sustain your household full of uninvited guests. You illustrate that these burglar’s brought their children with them and that you have to pay for their education and healthcare when you can hardly afford your own. The authorities simply shrug their shoulders and send you away without any recourse. You call and write your Representatives and demand action be taken for the crimes against you but they only send you a form letter thanking you for writing them and assuring you that they understand your difficulties and are working on legislation to help you with this crime. You continue to write and call and soon you no longer even receive responses from them other than a letter asking for your vote and or contribution to their political campaign. The burglar’s then invite more of their fellow burglar’s to move into your home with their children. To your amazement they begin to create and have children of their own while they are residing with you on your dime. You continue to support them yet get nothing in return but an amazing amount of debt that you could never pay on your salary. The value of your home diminishes because of the other crimes that these burglar’s commit within the neighborhood. The atrocities never seem to end and you are totally fed up of the inaction of the police to take action. You complain with other victim’s locally and on the state level who suffer the same problem of Burglar’s breaking into their homes illegally and staying with no plans of leaving. Your group seeks political action and representation but instead you are shocked to see that the President is aware of this situation and is suggesting giving the Burglar’s amnesty to those who have broken the law and moved into your home. On the television, you see and hear Senator’s and Congressmen stating that you are a bigoted racist if you are against these kind and noble Burglar’s who have broke inside of your home and remained there at cost only to you. These politicians say that the burglar’s are good for the over all economy because there are jobs that nobody else will do that they will work. They say this knowing that the victim’s are never reimbursed for their cost of supporting them. Now you are incensed that the authorities no longer consider you a victim of a crime, but a racist and fear monger. In addition to this the government plans to raise your taxes to pay for they’re own out of control spending while you are losing your own health care and benefits caused by the strain of covering addition dependents for all the Burglar’s living in your house. You hear that in the State of Arizona, they have established a law that they will arrest and prosecute Burglar’s who enter your home illegally and you cheer in glee that finally in a state far removed from yourself the government is taking action and it gives you hope that your own state will help remove the Burglar’s from your own home. You then hear the federal politicians along with your president that this is a misguided law and that it is wrong for the police to take action for these crimes and it violates the burglar’s civil and individual rights for police to harass them. They are afraid that the victims will offend the burglar’s simply because the Victim’s do not want them around. You ask yourself why the insanity? This is my home not theirs! Why will the federal government officials not act on the laws of the land? You ask in vain because you know that all the politicians in power want to give the Burglar’s amnesty in return for their voting block. You know that you are being sold out by your own government simply for more votes that will ensure their power over you. You know this to be true and to add insult to injury you are labeled a racist.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

How much more are we willing to ignore?

I spend a lot of hours driving around at night on my job and therefore have much time to think and let my mind wander. Here lately I have found that I am very disappointed in my fellow countrymen and the government that has the responsibility to serve us. I am greatly disturbed by the fact that the citizens of this country have allowed elected officials to become so deeply rooted into the practice of corruption that there may never be a chance to restore integrity, honor and service to the people of our land again. We have allowed policy makers to become auctioneer’s who barter, trade and bid with each other over very serious life changing regulations as well as placing us under policy set to favor the ever growing special interest groups and agendas. In this process, these elected officials of ours have become crooked Kingpins that bribe their fellow officials with the very money we have earned from the sweat of our brow. The latter has become nothing less than prostitutes selling all dignity of their office for personal gain and or special interest that never considers the working American of the middle class which is the true engine of our economy and American ingenuity that made this country once great. Our citizens have lost sight of the founding of this country and its bedrock foundation of the combination of our founding fathers belief in God and his guidance, and the individual and inalienable rights bestowed upon us by God that led to the creation of our Constitution which guarantees our freedom. We have forgotten or ignored the importance that this document is static and not evolving. The founding fathers understood that an evolving constitution unravels and erodes the powers of the document and could only remove us from the purpose of our guaranteed freedoms and the role of our government to be restrained with limited power over We the People. We have allowed our first amendment rights to freedom of speech and a free press to be placed in the trust and guardianship of corporations susceptible to greed who are willing to ignore the truth and facts they are responsible to broadcast in exchange for the payoffs by corrupt government officials on the bribe by the special interest groups who national policy is now framed for their benefit and power. In return, the citizens are brow beat with lies and misinformation to confuse and convince the masses into believing this country is operating in their best interest. We have lost the will and responsibility to analyze and research the actions of our elected officials and most importantly to hold them accountable to severe punishment for their corruption. These reasons and more have caused our countrymen to split into groups and divisions based solely on their own personal preference of belief, race, culture, sexual preference, entitlement, religion, and other, or combinations of these for the purpose of self desire while ignoring the needs of fair policy that serves all. These groups have achieved power by uniting under the big tent collective bargaining Party which is known today as the Democratic Party which solely exists for the purpose of garnering the most votes that guarantees the survival of there ever increasing thirst of power and control over the citizens of this country. This Party disguises itself as an all inclusive and all equal political Party while it works daily to tear down the principles that we lived under that once made this country great. How much more of the constitution will be sold out from under We the People? How many more times will our government ignore the constraints of our constitution by bypassing them to create laws and regulations? How much more will be taken from us until we serve the government instead of our government serving us? How much more are we willing to ignore? 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Men Need To Man Up

Today was very trying to say the least. It started off nicely enough because I managed to rotate my sleep pattern to fit my off nights and I woke early for a nice Friday off. I checked the comments on my blog and enjoyed them. No Virus or Hacking attempts. That is always good. I then jumped on face book where my brother had towed the line of my blog and I had to spend a little while defending him from those who believe you must be a weakling if you believe in the bible. That was quite disgusting. Then I got my children up for school and my youngest missed the bus. According to her my string of curse words was a sign of me going “Psycho”. Well, Okay! The rest of my day went decent enough until time for my son to be taken to baseball practice. We get a flat tire in my oldest daughter’s car and pull into a Kangaroo. No problem, I change flats all the time at work on the side of the interstate with cars passing me at 80 MPH plus within 3 feet of me. Well, I find the little donut in Amber’s car, but there is no jack or tire tool. Great! A Good Samaritan will help right? My wife asks a man at the pump if he had a jack we could use. He tells her that his car was bought two days ago and he really did not want to look to find his jack. Well thank you half man! Another rejection for help and my son and I started off walking for home. I was seething inside thinking that is just how the world is these days that people are selfish and unwilling to help. My 13 year-old son said “Well, people are probably afraid to help others these days”. What would he know? He is only 13, as if he grew up 3 decades ago. But I said yes, you’re probably right. It didn’t help much I was still seething thinking of how wimpy we American’s have become. It isn’t a good idea to think on politics when your walking because you are broke down somewhere. But I kept thinking that men just don’t seem to be men anymore. Either they are selfish and too self concerned to lend a hand to help someone out or Isaac is right. It could just be fear. Fear over what? It wasn’t like it was midnight on the interstate. Brother that is just weak. The thought hit me that this is the reason we have to pay police officer’s to do the defending of other’s because there are just not enough courageous men out there that will intervene when trouble comes our way. Hell, even boy scouts walk old women across the street. Or at least they use to. Do they still do that anymore? I would rather think men were still men, but only preoccupied with there own problems to stop and help another without having to be paid to do so like I am. So on we went towards the house and on the way Isaac convinces me against my better judgment to take a short cut across this neighborhood to get to mine. He reassured me three times he knew the way. Wrong! I have never hiked so many paved hills in my life. I had been telling myself I needed to get in shape and exercise but right now was not the time. After we came upon a street we were on about 30 minutes before I realized we were back tracking. Yes, I almost had an aneurism when I found we had come full circle. Isaac was waiting on me to go “Psycho” as Abbie likes to say, but I kept the cursing to myself and my splendid luck. Finally, I called my wife and told her the embarrassing story of were we were not and suggested she walk home with Abbie. After another half hour of pulling hills with my fat butt in tow my wife called and said her friend Kelly Sawtell saw her and took her to get the other car. Anyway, once we were back to the car with a flat, my wife drove up with the car and we got the jack out. I started to remove the lugs but the tire tool did not fit the size of lugs on the car. I rubbed my hands through my sweaty hair in frustration when a man approached and offered his jack. It did not fit either, so he gave me a ratchet tool and we found the right size socket. I started using it and felt that it would break. I told him this and he assured me to try, that it didn’t matter if it broke. It broke! I felt bad and that was my last chance. The man said he was the Pastor of Helena United Methodist church and offered to call people in his congregation to see who could help. I declined the offer and thanked him for our imposing and his time trying to help. He was a nice gentleman and apparently unafraid to help. I don’t know, maybe Methodist are more manly than the Baptist and Catholics in the area? But anyway, this Methodist preacher was the only one willing to help and it meant a lot to me. I still think men today need to man up and grow some whether it is to help another or stand up for their country that is under siege or to protect at least their own families. I have no doubt the Methodist preacher would. So this was my day and enough of my bad attitude and a poor Friday. Let the storms roll on that are coming. At least my family and friends are safe tonight. Thank God for that! 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sticks and Stone May Break My Bones But Names Will Never Harm Me

It is time that American’s, all American’s of every color stand up to and reject the hate speech that is constantly spewed against those who support and demand that our constitution be followed within the original purpose and in context of it’s intent by every member of our political system who swore to uphold and defend it. Our Bill of Rights are constantly being trampled under foot by this current administration, the far left national media and other groups which oppose the freedom of speech which is covered by the Bill of Rights. Those who oppose free speech cannot intelligently argue their point of view which violates the rights paid for in American blood as far back as the Revolutionary War so they resort to demonizing those who challenge the violations of free speech by labeling them as racists and violent people without any evidence to prove their accusations whatsoever. The Tea Party, Republican’s and all those who stand against wide spread corruption in all arena’s of our government, the theft of tax payer’s money to fund the bribery of votes for policies which will cripple our nation, the out of control spending which has been ramped up during the worst of economic times are being stereotyped as hate monger’s, white extremists, and the radical religious right wing. This Administration in Washington has totally disregarded the truth at every opportunity in their efforts to scam the American people out of their rights to free speech and political opposition to their many policies of economic destruction, the weakening of our national defense, the subverting and outright folly of operating outside of the constraints of our constitution to implement national law and have painted all those who oppose the actions of this Administration as people of bigotry and racism who are on the verge of violence. Nothing could be further from the truth but yet the national media and democratic and socialist pundits take every opportunity to distort the truth and use scare tactics to label these good Americans as the enemy when in fact the evidence is proven that they themselves are the enemy of the constitution and a government operating within its constraints by this President’s choice of cabinet members who have been or are acting members of communism and socialists. This Administration is slowly revealing what the truth of their intentions is, while pointing the finger in false accusations towards those who object to UN American values and principles. It is time for all Americans to reject such false labels and to proudly announce their willingness to further demonstrate against those who subvert and oppose our constitution. It is time to stand tall and continue to organize Tea Party movements and ignore the names and labels which may be placed upon us and continue to prove them as liars who accuse us of violence and bigotry. We have nothing to fear from being called such names as long as we continue to speak and uphold the truth. The best way to fight against this unwarranted offense is to band together at the voting booth to oust each and every member of the Democratic Party from office at the lowest levels of government to the highest office in the land. We have all seen the true colors of what they stand for and it has resulted in the formation of these Tea Party organizations and it must be priority to ensure they grow and continue to be inclusive to all American who love this country. Carry on!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

No Justice For Child Victims of Sexual Predators

Once again our justice system has proven that it isn’t interested in keeping the sick and perversely twisted monsters in prison that continually prey upon the innocent children in our nation. These sick freaks whom viciously rape and molest children to satisfy their blood lust and reprehensible desire to gratify their demon possessed driven fantasies are routinely paroled after being convicted as a sexual predator after a ridiculously short prison stint only to be sent back out in the public to search for they’re next victim. Just recently, John Albert Gardner III was released from prison after spending only 5 years behind bars for the horrendous beating and molestation of a 13 year-old girl. For this crime our justice system felt that Gardner had served enough time for his gruesome assault against such a young child and apparently felt as though he was harmless enough to chance allowing him the freedom to be sent back to his hunting grounds. Was there any thought whatsoever from these fools responsible for his release back into the community where he could serve his pleasure upon more innocent children? Was the justice system more concerned for John Albert Gardner’s rights than those of the children who are put at risk when he is loose? Apparently that is the case. As we all know Chelsea King, 17 was abducted while walking to school, raped and strangled to death at the hands of Gardner who was supposed to be under watch by authorities. Not too long afterwards, Amber Dubois, 14 was also raped and stabbed to death during the assault. She was buried in a shallow grave, thrown away like trash in a dump by this monster after he achieved his pleasures. Sometime before his arrest Gardner had failed at an attempt to abduct a female jogger who successfully escaped him. Amazingly, the families of King and Dubois supported a plea bargain for Gardner to spare his life with life in prison without the possibility of parole. Well thank you! I am sure that makes the rest of those monsters’s feel better about the penalty phase they will receive when their habit of raping and killing children ends in arrest, if their crimes are ever discovered. Yes, thank you for placing everybody else’s children at risk of what you have endured. A special thank you should be given to the District Attorney in San Diego County, Bonnie Dumanis for her speed of giving in to a plea bargain for such an insane monster as Gardner. Your lack of interest in prosecuting child monster’s will no doubt place even more children in the hands of these sadistic killers of children. How many more children must be brutally raped, strangled to death and buried in shallow graves until the justice system begins serving true justice in the name of these murdered children? How many more of these creatures will be set free to hunt down school children? It is time that all citizen’s vote out of office any District Attorney who does not jealously seek the death penalty for such monsters as these. It is time we hold all involved in the justice system who parole these sexual offenders by holding them personally responsible for any harm after their decision to release a sexual offender. They should face very harsh prison time for such a careless decision. But until then we will continue to see the pictures of children that the justice system refused to protect flashing on our television screens time and time again reminding us that justice has not been served.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Is Life a Test and What is My Score?

Sometimes I wonder about the people that cross our paths in life. There are so many that come and go and some that return years later even closer than the first go around. I also have experienced many people, even relatives who were very close and even inseparable from me who flittered away to the point that an occasional conversation becomes difficult or uncomfortable. It seems that walls of protection or defense are constructed within my heart or mind that eventually grow to the point that those once close are now on the outside of my life orbiting my sphere as the planets, moons and stars orbit the sun. They are there and I can see them but they are too far out of reach to relate too. I have even had a few close friends that drifted out of touch when at one time the thought would be unthinkable. I have a younger brother named Terry. I love him and I am sure he loves me because growing up we were each others shadows and could even read each others facial expressions and know exactly what the other was thinking. The closeness was more than mere brothers; it was also a close friendship. Upon our teenage years we developed from a personality we both shared into separate personalities and interests that drove a wedge between us and we too drifted apart. My mother lives with Terry and I visit her there when I can. Even in my own brother’s house I feel out of place and slightly uncomfortable in the same way I would feel at a mere acquaintances home. We sometimes text each other and trade updates on our home life or work but that is pretty much the extent of any contact. Occasionally, I will happen upon an old photograph of Terry and I and it seems ancient. It seems like another lifetime ago. We I see his picture I remember the Terry of 5, 10 or 12 years old. Not the Terry of today. I remember the thousands of baseball games we played together, just me and him. We never had the opportunity to play sports like our own kids do at the park. That didn’t stop us from learning to hit a ball or catch a pop fly. I also remember the hundreds of times we laid on one of the many Eastlake concrete bridges and fished for Brim with only fishing line, hook and bread crumbs. I remember the expeditions of climbing onto the roof tops of businesses on 1st Avenue North until we were chased off or we saw a patrol car coming before we made our escape. I remember the times we hiked Ruffner Mountain by ourselves while our mother thought we were out in the neighborhood playing or the rock fights we kids who lived on the Alley’s would have with those who lived on 6th Avenue, but I couldn’t tell you two things about him now other than the basics. I know more about those I work with than him. How did we grow so far apart? I also think of the people who cross my path for a short time who really had an impact on me. The ones I really loved knowing and the situations of life remove them from me. I miss them. I also think about the ones who came as a wolf in sheep’s clothing to befriend me and later cause me great trouble or pain. I wonder at times how many people’s path I have crossed and have left them feeling regret to have met me. I often feel life is a test of triumph and trials and often try to calculate my own score. Do I pass this test of life? Do I have more people who dislike me than I do who I have enriched in one way or the other? Or, is it possible that I choose to continue to build walls that have prevented a better outcome in relationships with others? Sometimes I just wonder how long the test will last and if I have enough time to improve the score.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Schools Should Address Bullying of Their Students

In grade school my younger brother and I had to walk to school a mile there and back. As a matter of fact our family didn’t have a car s we walked everywhere we needed to go. On a few occasions walking home from school my brother and I would run into a few older teenage boys that wanted to bully us around a bit. Even worse, occasionally one of us would get caught alone by a group of boy’s who love to strike fear in the heart of a boy defenseless against such numbers. I remember distinctly one day Terry and I got caught in an alley by a group of black kids a year or two older and larger. We happened to be next to an open alley garage when they started circling around us shoving and pushing us when I spotted what I thought was a garden hoe, but now I know it was a sling blade on a long wooden handle. I grabbed the tool and charged the closest boy swinging the sling blade. At first they taunted just out of reach when I charged them again as fast as I could, swinging wildly when suddenly they realized I meant business and they ran away down the alley. Little did they know I would have cut them to shreds if I had got close enough to do it. I had already had a terrible temper besides being frightful of my brother or myself getting beat down for nothing. We were no different than any other kids in the neighborhood. Black or white, all the kids knew it was best not to get caught alone or outnumbered. Our neighborhood had its share of bullies. We dodged them the best we could or suffered the consequences. What was worse is that my oldest brother was five years older and was one of the bullies we had to avoid at home or elsewhere. I couldn’t count the times I have been shot with a pellet gun or used as a practice dummy by my brother John and his friends to rehearse the latest professional wrestling hold or slam they saw on TV last. But haven’t we all been abused at one time or other by these bullies? Today, in our society our own children are subjected to the same treatment at one level or another. Sometimes they inform us of such grievances and sometimes they choose to handle it themselves quietly for fear of bothering their parents or maybe their parent’s reaction to the problem may embarrass them. It isn’t enough stress for our children go to school every morning during a time and age that mass murder in school shootings are not only a real possibility anywhere, but actually occur frequently. Also, most of our children have to have a police officer on duty at their school to keep them safe not only from criminals and nut job’s but for protection of student’s and teachers from the student’s themselves who act out of control. To say that schools these days are potential hotbeds of violence would be an understatement. Now we have a new style of bullying which has developed over the past few years in the form of psychological abuse or torture which comes by way of verbal assaults upon one individual by another or even a group of offenders. As with physical violence, this type of abusive bullying at the school and at home via social networking sites on the internet is woefully under addressed or simply ignored by school teacher’s and school administration. It seems that not only the schools but also the parents seem to shrug this off as flippant “Children will be Children” excuses for this type of destructive behavior leaving the victim children to suffer alone without obligatory protection from both parents and school administration. Recently we have seen the results of inaction from this type of bullying through teenagers choosing suicide as a final escape from their misery and suffering of fear. On January 14th, 2010 a recent Irish immigrant Phoebe Prince 15, committed suicide by hanging herself from a stairwell in her home t o escape the threats of physical harm and constant verbal and text abuse from other students who she attended school with. There was no one in her school’s administration willing to stand up for Phoebe and take actions against those who constantly abused her despite the school’s knowledge that this crime was occurring. Instead, Phoebe chose death because no one had the backbone to do what was right to ensure help and protection from these lowlife offenders. Only now, after Phoebe’s death will these six students be indicted on charges of their crimes against her and incredibly those school officials who had knowledge of this abuse will not be charged. This is most disturbing and an injustice to all children who attend school. I hope that every parent will remind their children that physical bullying and cyber bullying will not be tolerated and that their child should immediately inform them if their child experiences this type of abuse. I also hope that each parent and teacher will hold the school accountable to prevent bullying and address any problem of such incidents when they arise. Also, check into your child’s social networks to ensure of their personal safety. In my opinion if you pay for internet access you should have the right to review your child’s activities on such sites.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I’ll Hang On To Hope

This past week has been trying and exhausting. It has been most uninspiring and seemingly stuck in a rut. Like a man waiting for his ship to finally come in but realizing that he is a lone Captain of that ship sailing in rough sea’s without a rudder and having no navigation for the dark clouds. All news is bad and the light on the horizon always seems to be false hope. I am ever confident that the storms will pass only to hear more thunder and be pelted by the rain. Things could always be worse because I am still afloat. For that I am Grateful anyway. I sail on. I feel at the very least fate will place me on dry land once again. Is it fate or faith? Sometimes you have to wonder. But for now I’ll hang on to hope again. It could be that I could find a way to repair the rudder and the clouds will clear enough to steer myself in the right direction and land somewhere peaceful and calm.