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Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Destruction of America, One Lie at a Time.

We American’s are a trusting lot of people. We have been blessed beyond measure, by God no doubt, to have such a government shaped from rebellion against tyranny and fail-safe constitutional documents that have guided and restrained our government to ensure it is governed by the people for the people. Certainly mistakes were made and tragedies such as Civil War occurred when the people were divided on our path, but nevertheless we grew to a point in time where all were free men and women with opportunity to pursue the American dream. We as a people trusted our government leaders for the most part. We stood by their decisions even when a minority of disagreement could always be found and in the process we have been lulled asleep by believing that our elected officials must make policy and govern within the built in limits of our constitution. We as Americans trusted our national media as well, believing that they researched and reported the news for the people with integrity. Our first amendment right to free speech and freedom of the press as well as the right to ensure the government cannot select which God you must worship is what has separated this country from those others around the world. The fact that others around the world were willing to give all they owned to be here indicates the many blessings we seem to take for granted. But today we have lived in such times of good fortune all our lives that we have fooled ourselves that this country will always be what it has been for so long. We have disregarded our responsibility to ensure the integrity of our elected officials by either failing to vote for the proper candidate or failing to vote at all. By doing this we have allowed special interest groups, unions and political agenda machines to band together and corrupt our political process by placing their own hand picked pawns in office to do their own biding while disregarding the will of the people. Campaign financing has become nothing more than a legal policy for elected officials to be bought and paid for by those groups mentioned above. Now our own way of American life is almost completely unrecognizable due to the influx of Anti-American influence that is heaped on us daily through the bought and paid for national media propaganda machine. Our borders are unprotected and open to not only illegal aliens but also our worst enemies, yet our demands and concerns are met with the talking heads of the cult of political correctness about how insensitive or racist those of us that are concerned about national security are. On top of that, these elected officials not only refuse to enforce our constitutional laws, they apply them to foreign nationals and enemy combatants with the protections clearly only given to American citizens. These same elected officials both Republican and Democrat have outsourced American jobs and business while allowing China, and other known countries who have historically opposed our nation import their cheap and sometimes dangerous goods to our country instead of supporting American made products, jobs and citizens. We sit on oil reserves that have enough oil in them to last hundreds of years, yet our elected officials will not lift drilling moratoriums that would allow us to produce our own energy and instead enrich our very enemy countries that have been terrorizing our citizens for decades. Our own Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is promoting a known Islamic extremist television network, Al Jazeera who has supported terrorist such as Osama Bin Laden as a credible “Real News” network to operate on American cable companies. She is supporting the ability to have our own enemies to come directly into our living rooms in the English language with their vile hatred propaganda. This is beyond incredible, but yet our own national media propaganda machines sit silent. It is time that Americans not only awake from there stupor to see and understand the blatant takeover of this country by those who wish to separate us from our constitutional rights, but also to take a stand and actively oppose them all. The recent outcry from the Tea Party Movement has obviously not been heard. It is not time for a change we can believe in, but it is time instead for a change we can see and hear.  

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