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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

If God Forgave My Sins, Why Am I Still In Hell?

The bible tells us that God will forgive our sins if we confess them. If we do not confess and repent of our sins we go to hell. It is simple enough and just. I have no problems understanding this. I do however wonder if hell is more than a fiery destination for those who stubbornly or foolishly do not have remorse for their transgressions for others. Could it be possible that we live in a Hell just as real as the one we go to after life; only we experience it here inside our hearts while we are still in our physical earthly bodies? Yes, I think so. God forgives, this is fact I believe, but sometimes our sins cause irreversible pain that is not forgiven. Life is altered to a degree that will never be made whole and right again for those who are guilty and for those who are victims in some incidents. What happens when you are never released for your transgressions by those you trespassed against? I’ve heard that sin separates you from God and the relationship is broken until restored. What if a sin against another person cannot be restored? Doesn’t separation bring loneliness and loneliness brings pain? Isn’t pain Hell? It really makes me wonder how many degrees of Hell must be suffered for all those I have made unable to forgive.  Does it create a state of perpetual unhappiness? Hell. Will this be the only Hell for those God forgives? 

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