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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Try This Mr. President and Congress; Mind Your Own Damn Business For a Change!

The United States of America government is involved in matters everywhere but where we need them to be. You can argue you points with me on this if you like, but we are involved in three pointless wars in three separate countries. We are sending our children to die in lands of people who do not give three damns about America and we always get in return for our sacrifices exactly NOTHING! Why? Is it about oil like the Democrats were screaming when George Bush was at the helm? I sure as hell wish it was! Maybe our economy would be in much better shape if we took the oil resources from Iraq for payment for the salvation we gave them from Saddam. But no, we get NOTHING and we are still sacrificing our children there. Afghanistan? These people are Barbarians and will always want Barbarians controlling their worthless country. Again, we get nothing and yet we are still sending our children there to die. Libya? What in God’s name are we doing there? No ground troops! Right, so you say! Let those fools battle it out and win their own freedom. We have absolutely no business there. What difference will it make if madman Mommar Gaddafi (or however the hell his name is spelled this week) is in power or not? Who will replace him when he dies or crawls back under the rock he was born under? No one worth a damn Because these Libyan’s would only elect another madman to take his place even if they were given a free and fair opportunity to vote. And now we have a president who is above going to our representatives to discuss the sanity of sending our children there in harm’s way? We spend roughly $711 Billion dollars a year in blackmail to foreign countries that don’t give a damn about us and never will, while at the same time this current crack smoking Administration and Congress is spending us in debt faster than they can print more worthless money. Yet the Merry-Go-Round keeps going faster than ever before. Why, because our country is being run by the fools of the Liberal Left and we are letting them. Oh, don’t be feeling so self righteous if you are Republican. I am terribly sorry if you haven’t yet figured out that the Republican Party is only slightly to the center of the whacked out Party of Fools. We continue to expand our reach with our military, spreading it butter thin trying to solve problems that cannot be solved in lands that do not want peace. We have problems of our own besides the folly that governs Washington. We have no border on either side of this country with a mass exodus of millions entering and diluting our economy and increasing violent crime and drug trafficking that we need to be dealing with instead of globe trotting to these third and fourth world countries playing police to people who know nothing but terrorism and war. Bring our troops home, secure our borders with a major lockdown and lock out and deport every single illegal immigrant back to their own lands. And for God’s sake stop sending these Neanderthal’s our money. Pay our own bills first you damn fools! Charity begins at home. How will we ever be in a position to help others if we don’t first help and protect our own legal citizens? Try this Mr. President and Congress; Mind your own damn business for a change!

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