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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Why does the United States Government Endorse Radical Islam?

Historically, the United States has opposed Tyranny and hate motivated governments or dictatorships that impose their hatred in maniacal holocaust fashion or oppress their peoples under strict religious controls and poverty.  Yet, since our own people were cowardly and brutally attacked on 9-11-01 by extremists of a radical, political cult which call themselves Muslims, we have witnessed a strong unity of our political leaders turn from anger and adopt a defensive posture on any issue related to radical Islam or terrorists acts against our people. In fact, our current president will not even characterize terrorist acts of violence as terrorism. Has the leadership of our country who practices their own political religion of political correctness painted their selves into a politically correct corner and feel they have no way out but to accept radical Islam with open arms? Why does one of the most vile, most intolerant and most murderous group of people who operate under the flag of a “peaceful religion" get a pass from those who uphold the cry of tolerance and peace the loudest? How is it possible that our leadership and the Supreme Court of the United States can outlaw the posting of the Ten Commandments in courtrooms and public places, outlaw prayer and the reading of the bible in schools yet allow Muslims to gather and pray in public areas of our nation’s capital? How is it that our leaders choose to ignore terrorist attacks and outright cowardly murder of our on military personnel and refuse to call it terrorism but instead choose such opportunity to praise Islam as a “peaceful religion” while having the audacity to caution the feelings of American’s against hatred? I would be willing to state that without a doubt that Muslims are the most brutal racists that have ever existed on earth. Yet, the national media and our own government praise them as a peaceful religion and insist it is only a fraction of their group who perpetrate violence against Infidels, what all Muslims call anyone who is not a Muslim. Aside from the fact that this stance of our government leaders and their national media mouthpiece is absolutely the highest act of hypocrisy, we continue to see and hear this diatribe on a daily basis as if our own government not only endorses radical Islam, but prefers them over any other religious organization. Why? Has our own government chosen Islam as our national religion? Their allowance to exploit our national security makes one think so.   Is our president Muslim? Aside from his choice of a Muslim name and his overreaching sympathies for the Muslim’s cause? His actions seems to be proof that maybe he very well is a Muslim.

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