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Thursday, March 10, 2011

How Asinine Can American Politicians Become?

Just when you think you have seen our lawmakers commit the most hypocritical or dumbest policy suggestion another at its heels tops it. American lawmakers have lost all ability to use common sense once they cross the Washington Beltway. The constitution has been replaced by the rules of political correctness and the rule of law has been replaced with chaos and stupidity. The law abiding taxpayer in America has gotten the shaft while the law breakers and the entitlement crowd gain more and more importance through the purchasing of their votes by left wing democratic political leaders. Our nation has been turned over to a gang of thugs who make up the rules as they go as long as it benefits those who won’t work, do not belong or plot to destroy our country. We have allowed those who never contribute to be paid a living by those who seek office for their votes alone at the cost of ever increasing taxation to the taxpayer who is never represented in Washington. Our political leaders on both sides of the isle spend our hard earned money at record setting pace growing our national debt to the point that our very own children will never have the opportunities of the former American dream. These political whores we call leaders have sold out our national security by ensuring porous borders that allow any enemy combatant into our lands and refuse to end the terrorist assault against our people and servicemen worldwide out of fear of being labeled insensitive. Now when holding hearings on the radicalization of Muslim extremism in America these liberal liars who hate America accuse Representative King of NY of being another McCarthy and singling out Muslims as a whole. These fools would have us to believe that Muslims are a peaceful people regardless of the fact that they sit silent whenever there is a terrorist attack against our land or our military personnel. Our country is full of Muslim Mosques all around our nation which raises money and trains terrorist right under our noses yet the loony liberal left come running to their defense and shout racism at anyone who challenges these enemies of ours. One question of mine is how and why we have so many Arab people living in our land with the freedom to pass back and forth to their native Arab lands? What are they doing here other than to destroy our way of life? They are not content to live in our land as Americans, no; they wish to replace our constitution with Shariah Law, the most hideous and racist of all law known on earth. The Democrats do nothing but aid these people to the detriment of our own society and culture. It is time that Americans fight back against these politicians by calling them out and voting them out. Stand up Americans while you still can!

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