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Friday, March 25, 2011

Hey Illegal Mexican’s, Go Home and Revolt!

Follow the example of Egypt, Syria and Libya and fight for a better country at home. I know it is easier to make a run for the border and soak up a living off the backs of the American taxpayer, but grow a pair for a change and converge on your own government and demand what you seek from America from the rich who keep your homeland in poverty. That’s right! I said balls up and fight to live free and prosper in your own country. I see your Mexican Flag on Decals, Bumper Stickers, and rear window art all over your American automobiles. It seems you are so proud of Mexico. Well, I ask what Johnny Depp asked in the movie, “Are you a Mexican or a Mexican’t? Sure, I know we have better medical care in the good ole United States of America. Hell it’s the best money can buy, but of course it’s so much easier to come here illegally and swamp our emergency rooms for medical care you never intend to pay for right? Well, after all, we are the stupid American’s who elect politicians to promote your plight and do nothing but tax the American citizen to pay for your free medical bills and welfare payments. We get what we deserve right? But I ask this question also; why are all these countries in the Middle East protesting their government and forcing changes in their homeland but your people choose to run? You come here to our country and demand the rights of Americans without first earning them let alone fulfilling the process of becoming legal citizens. Are you skeered? Why do you run while other citizen’s make a stand? You send home to Mexico money you earn under the table from greedy and corrupt business contractors but not weapons to arm a revolution. Why? Do you prefer to achieve prosperity on the run while trying to maintain your national dignity? Is Mexico not worth fighting for? Your pundits seem overly ready to point out the unfairness of our country yet you remain suspiciously quiet about your own! It seems the drug cartel’s have no problem fighting the Mexican government, why do the citizen’s not stand up and fight those who truly oppress you? We have our own problems, you have yours. Go home and fight for what is yours.

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